Viagra(Sildenafil Citrate) Common Side Effects

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It is always common to having side effects when a person takes the tablet. In general, males have erectile dysfunction problems due to many reasons. As a result, they consume tablets that can rectify the issues quickly. Consuming sildenafil citrate has some common side effects in males. The common side effects are hearing loss, blurred vision, nausea and vomiting, nasal congestion, head ache, stomach pain, and diarrhea, inability to color findings, ear ringing and dizziness. These common side effects are widely present among males who in take sildenafil citrate. This tablet does need exact dosage as recommended by the physician for a long term basis. However, a lot of people in this world have been worrying about the issues of drugs after consumption. So, the online pharmacy store does not take responsibility of these issues because they deal with selling alone.

The drug sildenafil is mainly meant for treating erectile dysfunction problem of males. However, this drug would act by reducing blood pressure. However, the patients who are consuming nitrate for chest problem should not take this sildenafil tablet in a combined way. So, one has to be careful when consuming the tablets because side issues may hinder their life a lot. Once the person gets the symptoms of side effects he has to call the doctor immediately to treatment. However, these issues are not very dangerous, but may hamper the life if left untreated. So, the person who takes this tablet must be careful to avoiding issues in a serious way. Getting treatment very later is not a wise idea because of unwanted consequences. The doctors advise the patients having this tablet to be correct as per the dosage and should not take more ones without control. The prescription limit is must for the person to lead a happy life. Even the online pharmacies tell the same to the patients when they purchase. All directions about the drug are listed in the drug cover without fail. Exclusive recommendations are present for the patients who want to be healthy. Healthy life is not possible without control of the person who consumes tablets regularly. The person should adopt exact tips of the physicians to leading a normal life.

Even vision loss and chest pain may occur due to the above tablet. Other issues are abnormal heart beat, painful penis erection, uneasy breathing, and back pain. These issues are also common among males who take the tablets. However, the percentage of these effects may differ from one person to another because of body’ tolerance level. However, it is sure to have these effects on long run and hence the patients are requested to be ready for the treatment immediately. Online pharmacy stores that supply cheap tablets would take necessary care to following the recommendation of a doctor. So, they write everything on the medical cover which they send to the user. The user has to go through these suggestions for better health. Sometimes, effects of sildenafil citrate would spoil the life of the user to a great extent.